As soon as my tiny hands could clutch a wooden spoon, I began to rhythmically destroy my parent’s pots and pans. My dad finally relented and got me a drum set when I was 5 years old. I’ve picked up the sticks just about every day since, teaching drum lessons, working with school groups, recording drums and playing live.

Drum Lessons

Interested in drum lessons? Hit me up!

I teach private drum lessons at several locations, plus drum workshops, drum clinics and marching band drumlines – all near CLEVELAND, OH.

Why Me?

Recording Sessions

Can I play drums on your next studio project?

My sweet spot? Recording drums with pop-rock singer-songwriters (especially those with a uniquely funky or pop-country edge.)

Why me?

  • I can play to a click (2 & 4 pays the bills)
  • I’ll learn your tunes quickly and accurately
  • I’m laid-back, but no drugs, no ego, no funny stuff
  • I can bring a rhythm section (guitar, bass, keys)
  • I have affordable per-track or per-project rates
  • I can send you raw tracks remotely or
      we can track in person near Cleveland, OH

I’ve been lucky enough to record with some talented artists in a variety of styles, including Pop, Rock, Country, Folk and more. If I’m not the guy for the gig, I’ll tell you.